Unplanned extubation


A Preventable Problem

In healthcare, a significant threat to ventilated patient safety is Unplanned Extubation, which occurs when a patient or other external force pulls an inadequately stabilized breathing tube out of the airway. Every year, Unplanned Extubation causes 12,000 preventable deaths, 73,000 life-threatening events, and racks up over $4 billion in wasteful healthcare spending. The current rate of Unplanned Extubation is 7.3% in all ventilated patients. As the current standard of care, this is unacceptable. Our goal is to completely eliminate Unplanned Extubation and the problems associated with it, strengthening healthcare worldwide.


Complications of Unplanned Extubation 

Vocal Cord Injury or Paralysis
Severe Brain Injury

Unplanned Extubation


The Annual cost of Unplanned extubation


unplanned extubation events


preventable deaths


average cost per occurrence


wasted healthcare dollars




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Our Patented Airway Stabilization System

designed to eliminate complications of
unplanned extubation